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The Carpet Surgeons are here to provide quality online training through detailed instructional videos. Steve Andrews and Adam Raimond bring the classroom to your computer and make learning fun and easy to follow.

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Series: Carpet Repair Series - How to Fix Delamination

  • Author Steve Andrews
  • Rating
  • Time 41:13
  • Media Flash video
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  • Access 360 Days


This series produced by the Carpet Surgeons featuring Steve Andrews focuses on multiple ways to fix delamination (when the carpet backing becomes unglued).

While this series focuses on training carpet care technicians on how to fix broken carpet, there is no reason a handy homeowner with some basic tools couldn't save tons of money by repairing it themselves!

We put this series together to have an entire compilation of carpet repairs that deal specifically with backing and transition damage.

Who's Steve Andrews?
Steve Andrews is an IICRC certified instructor who not only travels the world teaching certification courses but also runs his own cleaning and restoration company out of North Carolina. Steve teaches the basics of the repair but also includes why you should be learning these techniques and how they can save you money as a homeowner or make you money as a carpet cleaner. So go ahead, grab some remnant carpet and a couple of tools and join along as we see how you can Repair It instead of Replace It!

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Lessons included in this series

  1. How to Repair Carpet at a Transition
  2. How to Repair a Large Area of Carpet Backing
  3. How to Repair Damaged Carpet in a Corner
  4. How to Repair a Small Carpet Bubble - Fast!
  5. How to Repair Damaged Carpet Using Sticky Backing
08/07/2014 sclements
Im very disappointed that I paid money for this how to that didn't have a realistic approach on a real transition reapair situation!
Very helpful
12/31/2013 jstocking
I was hesitant to purchase the video. Purchased it, extra knowledge is priceless. I would have paid $150 bucks to attend a class just to learn how to fix delaminated carpet. I'm going to try it right now. Will let you know how it goes. Very helpful More video. Sierra Restoration 435-764-9219Less